Our partners

  • CORSICA SOLE has developped DRIVECO since 2010.
  • It became CORSICA SOLE‘s subsidiary in 2016.
  • DRIVECO benefits from CORSICA SOLE‘s expertise in solar photovoltaics and energy management of power plants associated with energy storage.
  • DRIVECO has developed a long-term partnership with the CEA-INES and Peugeot Design Lab.
Corsica Sole
Peugeot Design Lab
ines solaire

Financial Assistance



The European Regional Development Fund has invested in the Corsica Region. The Solar Mobility Project is co-financed by the European Union.


The Corsican Territory Community, the Agency of Economical Developpement in CorsicaCADEC and Incubateur Inizia have invested in DRIVECO as a part of the Solar Mobility Project.

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Capénergies is a Competitiveness Cluster whose objective is the economic development of the energy sector by identifying and assisting innovative structural projects.