Développeur de bornes et d'infrastructure pour ma recharge de véhicules électriques

DRIVECO: a turnkey service

A subsidiary of CORSICA SOLE, operator and producer of solar power in Corsica, DRIVECO’s mission is to design and to develop charging solutions for electric vehicles. Since 2010, DRIVECO is at the cutting-edge of new technologies in the field of sustainable mobility, with its 21 employees in 2 locations, Corsica and Paris.  Thanks to our charging solutions, the solar powered PARASOL and the adaptable charger KINO, DRIVECO meets all needs in infrastructure solutions for charging all electric vehicles.

Today DRIVECO is an innovative brand with a pioneering role in electric mobility. Building on its expertise in renewable energy, DRIVECO always innovates in order to optimise the energy produced, striving towards a sustainable mobility in the future.


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The inauguration of the Smart Grid in Alata

Alata, October 9, 2015 Based 20 km north of Ajaccio, Southern Corsica, at Alata, the Solar Smart Grid has been developped and operated by CORSICA SOLE and built by Cofely Ineo. This solar power plant with a 4,4 MWc maximum power and with 13 450 Sunpower photovoltaic...

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