Frequently Asked Questions

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How many PARASOL users can charge simultaniously ?
Up to 8 vehicles can charge and park under the PARASOL simultaneously. Due to the connection to the DRIVECO Smart Grid, the PARASOL adjusts its energy production and consumption as needed.
What plugs does the PARASOL have ?
You can find all sockets and plugs on the PARASOL.
2 current types are availables, each one is on a diffetent side of the PARASOL.

On the AC side, you can find a three-phase alternating current :

  • a E/F socket for a traditional household plug
  • a T1 plug
  • a T2 socket and a plug
  • a T3 socket

On the DC side, you can find a direct current :

  • a Chademo plug
  • a Combo II plug
What are the installed capacities availables ?
The output power options are : 3 kW, 7 kW, 20 kW and 43 kW.
What is the maximum output power ?
The PARASOL can deliver 72 kW of total maximum output power.
The PARASOL outputs 29 kWp, due to its 88 PV panels and a 8kWh power battery. The PARASOL disposes of 36 kW of output power while connected to the DRIVECO Smart Grid. The PARASOL tands to maximise the production and the consumption of the solar energy.The PARASOL balances the solar power needs live as being connected to the DRIVECO Smart Grid.
What vehicles can the PARASOL charge ?
The PARASOL can charge all kinds of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles available on the market.
How long does it take to charge a vehicle ?
The charging time depends on the initial charge of the battery. It is possible to charge 80% of the battery in :

  • 25 min of a fast charge
  • 1h for an accelerated charge
  • 6h for a normal charge
How do I know that my vehicle is charged ?
Once plugged, the vehicle and the PARASOL intercommunicate. The vehicle will display the battery percentage while charging. You can follow your charging time, the amount of energy delivered and the actual power output live on the control screen of the PARASOL.
Can I charge at night or during bad weather ?
With a powerful storage battery and the DRIVECO Smart Grid, feel free to charge day or night, regardless of weather conditions.
Who can I contact in case of a problem ?
You can contact us on the web-site, via your member account or by calling our hot-line number : +33 9 72 56 26 80.